Focus on the two sessions,Build a solid foundation for economic development

2023-03-07 03:03:00 3556

Enterprise to achieve high -quality development is one of the essential requirements of Chinese -style modernization,Xinxin XiangsongUrban development,It is inseparable from the excellent enterprise deeply cultivated in this city,2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting Odds is fortunate to be one of them。March 6,Shenzhen Satellite TV "Building a" Basic Disk "in the real economy to accelerate the creation of high -quality development highland" series of special report columns to enter 2024 EUROPEAN CUP,Interview and report on 2024 EUROPEAN CUP,The report was broadcast on March 6th on Shenzhen Satellite TV。
Instrument and instrument industry R & D investment high,Barnight,Long -term monopoly by foreign giants,2024 EUROPEAN CUP at the beginning of its establishment,Focus on precision stickers、Precision Electric Test、Precision measurement and other core processes,Develop a number of high -precision flying needles with independent intellectual property rights,And successfully selected into Shenzhen Innovation Product Promotion and Application Catalog,Relying onThe Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center formed by the enterprise has also been approved。

                                                                                                        (2024 EUROPEAN CUPCTOThe person in charge of the R & D Center Huang Liang introduced the flying needle product)

       Report interviewed 2024 EUROPEAN Cupcfo Zhu Aipeng,President Zhu said: The green transformation of manufacturing enterprises is the inherent requirements for promoting high -quality economic development,This year's government report proposes,To form a joint force that promote high -quality development,As a equipment type enterprise,Next will be further in semiconductor、Increase investment in the field of new energy,Continuous force,Build a solid foundation for the high -quality development of the economy。

                                                                                                           (2024 EUROPEAN CUPCFOZhu Aipeng was interviewed)

       Future,2024 EUROPEAN CUP will devote themselves to intelligent manufacturing solutions with a more positive attitude and high fighting spirit,Through solid professional technology and efficient and standardized services,For the company、For society、Make new for regional development、greater contribution。