[Good News] 2024 EUROPEAN CUP BETTING won the "Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center"

2023-02-06 10:02:00 3881

   January 2023,The Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced the "List of Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center in 2022",2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting ODDS formed"Guangdong Province High Precision Flying Needle Intelligent Test Equipment Industry Technology Research Center"Successfully passed the identification,The company's R & D strength and innovation ability in the field of flying needle tests are authoritatively recognized!


Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center is a scientific research entity built by legal entities with strong technological innovation capabilities;,Promote various types of innovation elements to gather to enterprises,Forms an enterprise as the main body、Market -oriented、Important carrier of the in -depth fusion technology innovation system for industry -university and research;、Carry out industrial common technology research and development、Industry, university -research collaboration promotes the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements、Important platform for high -quality development of the service industry。

Guangdong High Precision Flying Needle Intelligent Testing Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the "Center") reliance unit 2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting ODDS has leading technological advantages and rich experience in the flexible manufacturing field of the pan -electronics industry。The company has focused on precision stickers for many years、Precision Electric Test、Four core process research of precision measurement and AOI detection,At present, there are many core technologies and products,The number of independent intellectual property reached more than 160 items,Among them, 10 items of authorized invention patents,101 items of practical new patents,Software copyright 36 items。
The center invested a large amount of R & D funds every year for flying needle test technology innovation and development。As of the end of 2022,High -speed developed by the center、High Precision、Multi -functional flying needle test equipment has been updated to the third generation,Through direct drive high precision motion institutions,Use the rapid movement of 4-8 branches for free combination,Online or offline PCBA、PACK battery、Semiconductor and other products for electrical performance detection,Fully covered electronic products from research and development、Production、Test requirements at various stages of after -sales。The following performance has been achieved:


Equipment accuracy:

1. Maximum acceleration:20g

2. Minimum measured components: 008004

3, force control accuracy ± 1g
Test ability:

1、Static testTry to include all components on PCBA (resistance、Capacitors、Diodes、triode、IC, etc.) test、Open short circuit test of all lines、All component welding tests, etc.;

2、Dynamic test is to charge PCBA program control,Test all output functions of PCBA (including voltage、current、Podong、Burning Record, RF, JTAG, etc.) and monitoring of dynamic points, etc.;

3. SmartMaintenance mainly adopts node test+intelligent test strategy+database method,Automatic、Smart detection of high -density board fault points。
Center R & DFlying needle test equipment,Breaking the technical monopoly of developed countries such as Europe and the United States,Filled the comprehensive comprehensive test of flying needle equipment at home and abroad(static+functional test) blank.2021,Flying needle equipment was successfully selected into the "Shenzhen Innovation Product Promotion and Application Catalog" of Shenzhen Industrial and Information Technology Bureau;2022,Flying needle testing equipment passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal of Shenzhen,The appraisal number is Shenzhen Keye Tongzhi [2022] No. 1005,The appraisal committee agrees:The overall technical level is in China,The main technology has reached the international advanced level!