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2022-05-27 10:05:00 6254

Examination and identification by the Jiangsu Provincial Private Technology Enterprise Association,Suzhou Ouuriejie Smart Technology Co., Ltd.Jiangsu Provincial Private Technology EnterpriseHonor title.

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The honorary title of "Jiangsu Provincial Private Technology Enterprise" this time,Not onlyIs rightMy DivisionAffirmation and recognition of independent innovation results, even for our companyNew incentives and spur on the road of R & D and innovation,This will further promote the company's independent innovation、Process of independent research and development。Future,Ou Ruijie will continue to introduce a high -quality talent team,Provide fundamental guarantees for independent innovation,Increase investment in scientific research,Enrich corporate innovation development stamina,Enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise,At the same time,Further strengthen the company's technological innovation ability and technological achievement transformation capabilities,Continue for the enterprise、Health、Quick development provides strong technical support,strive to become the backbone of the development of Jiangsu's intelligent manufacturing field!