Eye -eye MAX 2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting appears at CMM2021

2021-05-18 10:05:00 7370

May 18,CMM 2021 opened at Dongguan · Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center,2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting。

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Double -sided eight -pin flying needle test equipment

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Analysis of the PCBA failure、Positioning,and maintenance,Has high test accuracy (minimum support 008004 device),Support component test、Automatic power -on、v/i、Communication、RF and other tests。
Key data
Test speed: 30 steps/second; test accuracy: ± 0.0025mm; test ability: dynamic+static、single -sided+double -sided
Product Application

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FPC General Test Equipment

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Applying to FPCA function test,Perform appearance inspections and electrical tests for the product,Including online burning records、Communication、LED、Audio、RF test, etc.。

Key data:
Production capacity: 1800pcs/h; accuracy: ± 0.015mm; direct traffic rate: ≥99.5%
Product application:

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OLED FPC Driven Driven Test Platform

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Process detection in the production process of the driver board applied to the screen,Mainly ICT static test,Is OLED、The essential product of the LCM drive board test。

Key data:

capacity: ≥400pcs/h; accuracy: ± 0.005mm; direct traffic rate: ≥96%

Product application:

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Mobile phone front frame assembly equipment

Application to the assembly of the camera bracket of the mobile phone,Can automatically complete product visual positioning、Dust Wing Clean、assembly solidification,and detection、Code and other functions。Applicable to various camera components at the same time、Mobile handset、Madam、assembly of precision parts such as small boards。 

Key data:
Production capacity: 340pcs/h; accuracy: ± 0.03mm; good rate: 99.8%
Product application:

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PC/PAD screw lockEquipment

Applying a tiny screw lock in PC/PAD,Equipment can produce 13-16 inches by regulating the size of PC/PAD and locks, two types of torque screws。

Key data:
capacity: 245 PCS/h; accuracy: ± 0.015mm; good rate: ≥99.5%
Product application:

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TP&ElectricPond back cover precision assembly equipment

Apply to mobile phone、Tablet、Smart Watch and other 3C products TP components&In the assembly process of the battery back cover and A shell,Including visual alignment、Pressure and other functions。

Key data:
Production capacity: 260pcs/h; accuracy: ± 0.05mm; good rate: 99%
Product application:

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Mobile phone battery assembly test equipment

Apply to various mobile phones、Battery assembly of smart watches,Can achieve automatic battery detection、assembly、Code binding、Rolling and other functions。

Key data:

capacity: 250pcs/h; accuracy: ± 0.1mm; compatible size: 4.5-7 inches

Product application:

Mobile phone inspection equipment

Apply to various auxiliary materials in the mobile phone、Motherboard antenna shot film、Connector and other high -level detection,and rear camera lens dirt and damage detection, etc.。