How to be based on modular/platform tool,Quickly build a solution?

2021-05-10 03:05:00 8726

"The world martial arts,Only fast "。This eight -character motto is gradually becoming the only way to stand out in the competition。

In the fierce market competition,3C manufacturers to improve their brand's competitiveness through continuous innovation,Lead short product life cycle for 3C products、Update speed,This also puts forward higher requirements for 3C smart manufacturing companies。3C smart manufacturing enterprises need to be in a short time,Copy changes in market demand,R & D and replicated production system in batches。
Module -based/platform tool,Quickly build a solution,Is 2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting.。Since its establishment,2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting is focusedPrecision paste, microneedle testing, precision measurementandAOI detectionFour techniques, establish a modular/platform -based research and development idea.
On the product platform,2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting functions shared by multiple different devices,Such transmission、Supply、Positioning、Catch、Vision, etc.,To in -depth research and development based on commonality,Formed a modular device; then use the modular device,Perform module combination operation,The precise structure of the final output equipment。This can greatly shorten the product research and development cycle,Reduce product research and development and manufacturing costs。

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On the technical platform,2024 EUROPEAN CUP Betting Software Team Based on a powerful algorithm ability,Autonomous research and development of MD+generalization software platform,It contains high -speed and high -precision air floating platform AIRTRACK、Modular hardware platform HD-Pro、all-in-one software programming platform MD-Pro、Industrial Internet Cloud Platform MD-Cloud。In the software library of 2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting,rich application scenario module,No need to program,can easily adapt to any form of hardware。Based on this,2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting device is completed after the assembly is completed,Can complete the software in one day。

Platformization、modular product design and production,You can keep the equipment with high versatility,Provide the diversified configuration of the equipment。In short,Using modular/platform tools can achieve high sharing of parts,Make the design and manufacture of the equipment into "building blocks", use a bunch of universal parts to set up different use equipment.
Module of equipment software and hardware、Platformization,The most direct benefit for the 3C electronics industry is,Can improve the flexibility and stability of the production line to the maximum procedure,Demand to meet the rapid changes in the market,Just replace the tooling、Treatment and a small amount of process module,It can realize the fast line production of 3C products。 

May 18-20,CMM 2021 opened at Dongguan · Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center,2024 EUROPEAN Cup Betting (booth number: A2017)PCBA flying needle test developed by modular -based/platform tools、FPC test、PC/PAD screw lock、Foreer -camera support、TP&Battery rear cover assembly、Solution such as mobile phone inspection and other solutions,Invitrate the industry colleagues to visit the guidance。

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