Precision assembly and testing technology

2024 EUROPEAN CUP Betting ODDS is a focus on precision stickers and microneedle test technology research and development、Application high -tech enterprises,3C electron、Car Electronics、Medical Electronics、Semiconductor industry terminal customers provide standard automation products and flexible production line overall solutions,and through data collection、Data analysis provides customers with industrial services for a full life cycle。

The company has the leading technical advantages and rich experience accumulation in the field of flexible manufacturing in the 3C electronics industry,Establishing in -depth cooperative relationship with many well -known brand mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad。At the same time,The company is German KUKA global core value partner,and Swiss ABB strategic partner。

R & D engineer team

The company executed ESOP at the beginning of its establishment (employee holding plan),attracted a group of outstanding talents who master core technologies,Now there are more than 100 R & D engineer teams,Team members mainly come from Foxconn、BYD、Skyworth、Top automated manufacturers such as Great Laser,rich product research and development and on -site application experience,Make sure customers provide the industry's best solution and ultimate service。

The company has engineering、Visual、Transportation Control and Electrical Testing Lab,Maintain high R & D investment,New Quality and Professional Services Help 2024 EUROPEAN CUP BETTING becomes the leading intelligent manufacturing service provider in the industry。

Introduction to Enterprise

The company's manufacturing base area is 15,000 square meters,Average monthly shipments of more than 200 units

Pay attention to the site in production 6s (finishing、Rectification、Clean、Cleaning、literacy、Safety),Improve the creation of strong external environment for product quality and efficiency。

Comprehensive infrastructure equipment and strong R & D strength support for the company's research and development center,Make the manufacturing base with a "one -stop" production capacity;

You can provide product definition、Software Design、Hardware design、Industrial Design、Structure Design、Test full -process service。

The company has an engineering laboratory、Visual Lab、Transportation Control and Electrical Testing Lab,Testing can be performed for most difficulties in precision assembly and testing,Quickly find the solution。

Engineering Lab -Verification of new products and products pre -research;

Transportation Control and Electrical Testing Lab -Short debugging time,Reduce the risk of on -site debugging、Tracks exercise verification;

Visual Lab -Visual Evaluation,Development more powerful visual system。

Intelligent factory panorama

Realize the Data Unicom and the Internet of Everything

Enterprise core competitiveness

The machine is smarter, the factory is more transparent, and the operation is more efficient

MD-Cloud Industrial Internet Platform

Function description

Industrial Services

Intelligent machine and MD-Cloud Industrial Internet Platform

  • Supply Chain Resources

    Global top supply chain resource integration

  • The top -level design of the intelligent factory

    Smart Manufacturing Factory Design Consultation and Planning

  • Delivery in time

    Strict project management system ensures timely projects and high quality delivery

  • Technology R & D

    own Japan、German R & D Center,and conduct technical cooperation with the Pingtian Research Institute

  • After -sales training

    Complete after-sales and training system-global coverage/professional equipment inspection point